Work's Philosophy

Direct contact with ancient teachings and philosophies such as Zen, Buddhism and Tantra, coupled with an abiding interest in the study on the behaviour of the human mind and feelings, this plastic artist is in constant change and evolution in the style of her work, experimenting with different and original techniques. This search has led to the current theme, "Warriors, Sorcerers and Sages" where holism creates a "PICTORIAL - OBJECT - PHILOSOPHICAL" space.

The exhibition is characterized by sharing with the audience the opportunity to improve and give meaning to our own existence. Each piece shows us the path to liberation from all tribulation, pain and suffering both of mind, feelings and physical body, mostly caused by our beliefs, mental contents, perspectives and expectations, creating mostly and, in an unhealthy way, attachments, lack fears, false desires and clinging.

The understanding of the plastic work of Lourdes Botello inspires and leads to reflection and mental clarity to move into a personal work of "realizing one's own conscience" and initiate the training of the mind to achieve equanimity, maturity and emotional stability.

For this artist, the creative capacity that we develop during the course of our lives is a journey of struggle and constant search which h she calls "The Road of the Warrior."

Lourdes Botello has been for over 10 years an alternative therapist in management emotional restructuring, is a lecturer and business consultant on issues of human development.

In 2009 she began a project called "LIVE TODAY: ART FOR EVERYONE" which aims to support patients with different disabilities, motivate and encourage them to return to the field of art. Besides she carries out altruistic service in various foundations and supports projects for people living in unfortunate circumstances.

For Lourdes, iron represents the strength of temperance and determination, for that reason she chooses this material as a fundamental part in the construction of her work, each piece has been welded together to give life to "the Sourcerers". It is noteworthy that each tool that forms these figures has an antiquity of more than 80 years and was used by the hands of Mexican peasants in the rough and hard work of ploughing, sowing and harvesting. Thus the rescue of these pieces gives greater meaning to the work of the artist and is a symbol of gratitude to the earth: "The Sages are erected in their honour."

Finally, this set of philosophies, techniques and materials is inevitably influenced by a tribal current - Universal, where there still lives the mysticism and magic emanating from the primitive and free spirit to achieve the alchemy that leads to wisdom of living in balance .

To this feeling have come to the premises of the artist, Shamans, Sorcerers and Babalaos filling the work with rituals, meditations and prayers with incense, snails, cigars, mezcal, incense and altars with flowers and pictures of deceased sages to bless the work and the guardians who have to guard your purchase of every piece of this unforgettable sample for the open eyes and hearts.